Deposit Scheme

Savings / Current Account : A person/organization of any kind by the bank (savings / current / deposit / loan) may open an account as follows.


  • Person Aware that the whole law, any person eighteen years of age may become Bank customers.
    If the person who have not completed 18 years and not aware of law,want to become a bank costomer he have to submit birth certificate.The transactions of such customers are handle by natural guardian or guardian assigned by court or by legal document.
  • The various type of properly established legal entity like local government institutions,Institute of Education, religious organizations, religious institution,saving group,partnership,proprietor,various firm company etc. can become the costomers of bank.
  • Planned Society co-founders : Recognized under Maharashtra Cooperative Society Act 1960 (except urban co-operative banks).
  • Urban banks : Urban Cooperative Banks recognized under Maharashtra Cooperative Act 1960.
  • Society founders planned , Local government institutions
  • Zilla Parishad, Municipal Corporation, Municipality, Gram Panchayat, etc.
  • Partnership, proprietor company, firm,various etc.
  • Education institutions, religious organizations, religious organizations
  • Saving Group

General customers, Society, Urban beneficial in terms of saving deposit accounts at banks 4.50% interest rate.

Account typeSaving AccountCurrent Account
The minimum amount while opening an account500/-1000/-
If you want a check book facility, the minimum account balance1000/-5000/-