Deposite SchemeFD Permanent
Interest updation methodDirect interest
Interest method toIf the order has expired or the depositor interest quarterly / half yearly / yearly can detect. To be Eligible for this discount fixed deposit backwardation receipt should be at least months.
The customer interest paymentIf the customer demands deposite, leaving the deposit date or date last throw of interest that interest will be available any time.
At least Rs500/-
The maximum amount of RsLimt is not at most.
At least duration15 days or current interest rate as per percentage is at least duration.
The maximum duration10 years
In this type one can keep deposite days or additional months. During the deposit if customer needed leaving a deposit account,the per cent of deposit amount can be taken as advance.
The formula for assessment interestAB
If during the dayIf the duration of the month
* Period * day of principal interest /???00* Interest Period months * principal / 1200
If the duration of the day and the month of formula A + B is the total interest to be removed in this way.-