Medium Term / Long Term Loans

A) Member Eligibility :

  1. Land account should have on the members name
  2. The member himself and joint family should not be arrears of any loan.
  3. Repayment installments will be linked to the crop production season.
  4. According to rule the member should deposite self investment amount in the bank.
  5. The member should provide security for necessary amount of land or products burden.
  6. While accepting purpose wise loan and security wise loan area debt assumption and according to at least area concept has been fixed by the national bank.
  7. For any 2 reasons the member will available the loans at one time.(This act shall not apply within N.H.B. loan)
  8. The reason for which loan is demanded for same reason loan should not be taken from other banksinstitutions
  9. For medium term/long term free loan demand the member should have land holdings of at least two acres. For Horticulture cultivation member should demand area of 1 acre land holdings.
  10. Along with case attorney letter should be register to sub registration.

B) Organization Eligibility:

  1. The organization should be bank member.
  2. Institute quintet members should not be arrears.
  3. Organisational economic conditions, Debt collection management etc organization’s policy wise and should be according to vaidyanathan committee recommendations.
  4. Organization should have limits of outside loan balance.
  5. Institution bank loan recovery in the year of harvest month should be at least 60% at the end of june. But supply facilities under government subsidy the loan for the issue will not be applicable to the rules. Same loan approval case 100% recovery,institutions will be given priority clearance.
    In addition, each type of loan terms must be independent to settle the terms.
Medium term Long term loan debt limit categorized, installments, interest rate and repayment period
1The New Well (Height 50 ft.)1,50,000/-5133 Acres Horticultural
2Repair of old well30,000/-5132 Acres Horticultural
3Electric Pump Sets 3 H.P.18,000/-5132 Acres Horticultural
4Electric Pump Sets 5 H.P.20,000/-5133 Acres Horticultural
5Electric pump sets, 7.5 H.P.25,000/-5135 Acres Horticultural
6Diesel Engine Oil, 3 H.P.15,000/-5132 Acres Horticultural
7Diesel Engine Oil, 5 H.P.18,000/-5133 Acres Horticultural
8Diesel Engine Oil, 7.5 HP20,000/-5135 Acres Horticultural
9Sub Marsible 3 H.P.30,000/-5133 Acres Horticultural
10Sub Marsible 5 H.P.32,000/-5135 Acres Horticultural
11Horticulture cultivation - Grapes garden / acre2,20,000/-6131 Acres Horticultural
12Thresher - Paddy crop75% of Quotations5135 Acres Horticultural
13Horticulture cultivation - Pomegranate / acre30,000/-6132 Acres Horticultural
14Drip Irrigation Scheme - Grapes / acre30,000/-5132 Acres Horticultural
15Drip Irrigation Scheme Pomegranate / acre20,000/-5132 Acres Horticultural
16Drip Irrigation Scheme Sugarcane / acre27,000/-5132 Acres Horticultural
17Farm Pond 14*14*3.4 (With Plastic Paper)1,00,000/-5132 Acres Horticultural
18Farm Pond 20*20*31,80,000/-5132.20 Acres Horticultural
19Farm Pond 24*24*42,25,000/-5133 Acres Horticultural
20Farm Pond 34*34*4.73,70,000/-5134 Acres Horticultural
21Farm Pond 41*41*55,00,000/-5135 Acres Horticultural
22Farm Pond 44*44*5.46,00,000/-5137.20 Acres Horticultural
23Poultry Farm 3000 Birds3,00,000/-5133 Acres Horticultural
24Poultry Farm 5000 Birds5,00,000/-5135 Acres Horticultural
25Poultry Farm 10000 birds10,00,000/-5138 Acres Horticultural
26kandachawl 25 Ton.85,000/-5133 Acres Horticultural
27kandachawl 50 Ton.1,50,000/-5135 Acres Horticultural
28Tractor, Trailor, Equipments etc. 75% of Quotations above 25 H.P.6,00,000/- Max.6135 Acres Horticultural or 10 Acres Jirayat
29Tractor, Trailor, Equipments etc. 75% quotations less than 25 H.P.6,00,000/- Max.6133 Acres Horticultural
30Bullock cart capacity 5q. to 8q.30,000/-5133 Acres Horticultural
31Bull Pair25,000/-5132 Acres Horticultural
32For 1 Hybrid cow quartely Installment60,000/-3131 Acres Horticultural
33For 1 Hybrid Buffalo60,000/-3131 Acres Horticultural
34Dairy for 5 cows3,00,000/-513Out of 5 Acres
2 Acres Horticultural
35Dairy for 10 cows6,00,000/-513Out of 10 Acres
2 Acres Horticultural
36Dairy for 5 Buffalo3,00,000/-513Out of 5 Acres
2 Acres Horticultural
37Dairy for 10 buffalo6,00,000/-513Out of 10 Acres
2 Acres Horticultural
38Dairy for 5 cows (Under the D.E.D.S. NABARD)3,00,000/-6 Years
6 Months Installment
13Out of 3 Acres
2 Acres Horticultural
39Dairy for 10 cows (Under the D.E.D.S. NABARD)6,00,000/-6 Years
6 Months Installment
13Out of 5 Acres
3 Acres Horticultural
40Dairy for 5 buffalo (Under the D.E.D.S. NABARD)3,00,000/-6 Years
6 Months Installment
13Out of 3 Acres
2 Acres Horticultural
41Dairy for 10 buffalo (Under the D.E.D.S. NABARD)6,00,000/-6 Years
6 Months Installment
13Out of 5 Acres
3 Acres Horticultural
42Goat / Sheep Compliance (10+1)24,900/-5134 Acres Horticultural
43Goat / Sheep compliance (20+2)47,000/-5134 Acres Horticultural
44Goat / Sheep compliance (40+2) NABARD1,00,0000/-5133 Acres Horticultural
45Rural Godown 200 m. Tonnes75% of quotation714.505 Acres Horticultural
10 Acres Jirayat
46Rural Godown 300 to 400 m. Tonnes75% of quotation714.57.20 Acres Horticultural
15 Acres Jirayat
47Office / Building Construction & Place a Purchase75% of quotation514.50---
48Shade Net - Vegetables / acre1,00,000/-5132 Acres Horticultural
49Shade Net - Grapes Garden / acre50,000/-5132 Acres Horticultural
50Poly House carnation for 5 gunthe3,95,000/-5133 Acres Horticultural
51Poly House jarabera for 5 gunthe3,05,000/-5133 Acres Horticultural
52Poly House Rose for 5 gunthe2,80,000/-5133 Acres Horticultural
Poly House Capsicum for 5 gunthe2,60,000/-5133 Acres Horticultural
53Solar Energy14,000/-5132 Acres Horticultural
54Silk Industry73,000/-5132 Acres Horticultural
55Rural Toilet12,000/-513Own Home
56Pack House3,00,000/-5133 Acres Horticultural
57Farm House / Home Loan A Type 2000 Sq.Ft.15,00,000/-91310 Acres Horticultural
58Farm House / Home Loan B Type 1500 Sq.Ft.11,25,000/-8137.5 Acres Horticultural
59Farm House / Home Loan C Type 800 Sq.Ft.6,00,000/-7135 Acres Horticultural
60Farm House / Home Loan D Type 500 Sq.Ft.3,75,000/-6133 Acres Horticultural
61Ra. Gandhi Rural Crib Plan - 2Close1013Government Scheme
62N.R.L.M. (Savings Group)75% Of quotation511Government Scheme
63Bike85% Of quotation5133 Acres Horticultural
64J.C.B.Rs.15,00,000/- or 75% of quotationHalf-yearly 10 installments1312 Acres Horticultural & 25 Acres jira.
65"Ladki Lek" Marriage Loan
Horticultural / Acre (2 lakh Max.)


5 Installments

2.2 Acres Horticultural & 5 Acres Jirayat
66Spray Unit (Bloar)75% of quotations
6 Lakhs Max.
5 Installments
135 Acres Horticultural
67Spray Pump75% of quotations5 Installments135 Acres Horticultural
68Jeeps / Motor Car / and other four wheeler vehicle
1) 15 acres of Horticultural10 Lakhs513
2) 10 acres of Horticultural15 Lakhs513
3) 15 acres of Horticultural25 Lakhs513
69Pipe Line, P.V.C., Risingmen / Distribution System
1) Pipeline P.V.C. 2.5 Inch Rs. 25/- ft.513
2) Pipeline P.V.C. 3 InchRs. 32/- ft.513
3) Pipeline P.V.C. 4 InchRs. 43/- ft.513
4) Pipeline P.V.C. 6 InchRs. 65/- ft.513