Non-Farm Loans

Sr. No. 
1Urban and Rural Non-farm credit institutions
2Commercial and urban co-operative banks
3Salaried co-operative credit society
4Customer co-operative institutions
5Co-operative sugar factories
6Co-operative B.V. union and institution of marketing
7Labor dam co-operative institution
1) an order of the pledge loan
2) The bill approved loan against pledge of
8Prayer institute of agriculture - cash credit loan limit bill
9Institute of rural artisans
10Personal loan credit -
1) Gold / silver jewelery pledge on loan credit
2) National Saving Certificates pledge of the loan credit
3) Credit for the purchase of object-home use
4) Vehicle loan (2 wheeler and 4 wheeler)
5) Hardware House resit the pledge of credit
6) To Purchase a flat / House Building Loan (ROI - 12%)
7) Educational Loan (ROI - 13%)
A) If Applicant is Full Time Salaried
B) If Applicant Is Farmer
11Small scale industry (Non Farm Sector) loan credit.
12Helping you to save your own group
(Loan Applications are available in Downloads.)