Wealth Deposit

Deposit TypeWealth Deposit
Interest updation methodCompound interest. According to quarterly compounding method additional interest will be given.
The customer interest paymentAt the end of the term of the entire interest charged by taking an unreasonable amount of interest are available to customers.
At least Rs.1000/-
The maximum amount of RsLimit is not at most
At least duration1 Year
The maximum duration10 Years
During the duration of deposite, if the customer needs he\she can take 80% ammount as advance deposite along with interest on deposite account.
Interes updation formulaPrincipal * (1 + interest) year period of deposit *4 /4 * 100

DetailDeposit amount of Rs.Interest rates1 yearInterest rates2 yearsInterest rates3 yearsInterest rates4 yearsInterest rates5 yearsInterest rates6 yearsInterest rates7 years
For depositors1000/-9.751101.1210.251224.36101344.89101484.519.751618.759.751782.449.751962.69
For senior citizens1000/-10.251106.5110.751236.3510.51364.710.51513.7410.251658.7210.251835.3810.252030.86
Rs. 1/-
Crore and followed by
1/- Crore1011038100/-10.512303400/-10.2513547600/-10.2514990600/-1016386200/-1018087300/-1019965000
Monthly Deposit Scheme
For depositors100/-9.751264.7610.252671.39104207.45105910.79.757738.799.759786.129.7512040.49
For senior citizens100/-10.251268.1610.752685.4310.54240.7610.55973.7410.257843.1710.259946.6810.2512274.24